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Spalding-area grower firm puts minds at ease over border disruption

A Spalding-area firm of growers is hopeful that shoppers in South Holland shouldn't see too much disruption amid the ongoing chaos at the border.

Martin Tate, commercial director for Lincolnshire Field Products in Wykeham, says that the company does not foresee any stock issues in terms of locally produced products, such as cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts, although imported items may see slight delays and potential shortages.

Mr Tate has been watching the situation closely and says that imported items have been arriving.

Martin Tate of Lincolnshire Field Products (43681911)
Martin Tate of Lincolnshire Field Products (43681911)

He said: "From a locally produced product point of view we don't expect or foresee any issues due to the borders being closed.

"Regarding imported vegetables, such as organic cauliflowers and broccoli and conventional broccoli, arrivals have still be coming through from Spain where drivers have taken a gamble as to whether or not they will get back, so we don't foresee any shortages during Christmas and for a few days beyond.

"We have been told by Spanish hauliers that deliveries on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will not happen, as the lorries are currently stuck in the UK waiting to go back, but the information from the conversations between the UK and France suggests there will be an agreement soon and that freight should start to move tomorrow.

"This should mean that they will dispatch from Spain on December 26. Stock shouldn't be a problem if the lorries get moving again tomorrow and any shortages would be minor and nowhere near as bad as the media is stating at the moment."

Thankfully, the firm as been building up stock in light of the country leaving the EU which has meant that there is plenty of home grown vegetables available.

Mr Tate said: "Our original plan regarding January 1 was to build up our stocks as much as we can, or dare to given the nature of the perishable goods, over the next week.

"We have utilised this to ensure that we can cover orders from December 26 to 28 and we will do more work and replenish these stocks between December 27 to 30.

"If there is a shortage of Spanish broccoli for a few days there will be a wide range of English vegetables to replace it."

Market traders in Spalding reported that by 10am today (Tuesday) they had sold out of sprouts and Booth's, on New Road, has also sold out of cauliflowers.

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