GROT SPOT: Eyesore is getting worse

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I do realise that you featured this site in a recent report on eyesores in and around the Spalding area.

But as you can see (picture above) the site has been made worse by the recent high winds that have damaged the surrounding boundry boarding to reveal what is really behind the scenes.

Carrington Road eyesore ANL-140325-164851001

Carrington Road eyesore ANL-140325-164851001

It is an overgrown dumping site for empty vodka bottles and disused tyres.

It seems to be getting worse because of the site now being an open one.

The owners of this particular site might not even be aware of the recent damage to their property, but it all adds up to an increasing downgrade of our local area in Carrington Road, Spalding.

I do realize there are several sites in Spalding that do not belong to South Holland District Council but do remain an unwanted blot on our local landscapes that are similar to this.

I do recall the Spar organization making a statement to the local press about their plans to develop this current eyesore into a Spar Mini Market, but when it suits them.

In the meantime local residents have to put up with an unwanted dumping ground.

I would like the council to have more powers of influence with these developers.

There might be some guidelines already in place regarding the building regulations, plans being passed and the time to build, but I would like to see more urgent action taking place from the authorities to actually enforce a clean up of these sites with a view to complete.

Perhaps it’s time local residents that are affected by these unwanted eyesores be granted a rebate or refund in their council tax as they deserve better.

From a concerned, but caring local resident.

Rodney Sadd