Gritting appeal for ‘lethal’ bend in Gedney Dyke

DANGER CORNER: Geoffrey Beard in Gedney Dyke where a vehicle skidded on ice and hit a telegraph pole. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG130118-185TW.

Fears of a serious crash in Gedney Dyke due to ungritted roads have been raised after several near-misses before Christmas.

Villager Geoffrey Beard (66) has urged county highways officers to grit the junction of Main Street and Lowgate after he saw four accidents on Saturday, December 16.

It’s lethal because there are two areas that have dropped by three inches, filled up with water and frozen

Geoffrey Beard, of Gedney Dyke

Mr Beard said: “It’s lethal because there are two areas that have dropped by three inches, filled up with water and frozen.

“So as the 4x4 started to make the turn from Main Street into Lowgate, it just skidded on the ice and went straight into the telegraph pole.”

Mr Beard then saw another driver skid and end up in a verge off Main Street, a third driver who spun in the road itself and a HGV that nearly jackknifed (where a vehicle towing a trailer skids and then spins around until they collide with each other) after hitting the ice.

Mr Beard said: “Fortunately, the driver controlled it so that the cab was at a 90-degree angle to the trailer.

“But there’s going to be a major accident sometime soon unless the road is gritted.”

No one was injured in any of the accidents, but Darrell Redford, of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Although we appreciate Mr Beard’s concerns, we simply don’t have the resources to grit all 5,500 miles of road in the county.

“This means that our efforts have to be primarily focused on the busiest routes.

“However, we do ensure that there is at least one gritted road from each of the county’s main villages to a major traffic route which, in the case of Gedney Dyke, is the B1359.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to treat Main Street and Lowgate as well so we would encourage people to use the gritted route during cold weather, although drivers should be aware that even treated roads can be hazardous.

“You can find out more about the council’s gritting operations at”

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