Great ways to recycle your textiles

Think Green column ANL-140810-155322001
Think Green column ANL-140810-155322001
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Think Green: By South Holland District Council’s waste and recycling officer Laura Simpkins

The recent textiles trial in South Holland has been a fantastic success with over 15 tonnes of clothing, shoes, bedding and accessories collected.

Even though this trial only covered 5,000 homes in the district it saw a great response.

So why should you recycle or reuse your textiles?

Textiles are items such as clothing, shoes, bedding, towels and curtains. Some residents may just throw these items into their black bags when they are not wanted anymore.

There are also estimates that around 30 per cent of UK wardrobes are made up of clothes that are not worn anymore. This unloved clothing could be reused and valued by someone else.

Follow these tips to reduce the amount of textile rubbish you throw away and inspire you to reuse your old textiles.

* Use your local charity shops. There is a fantastic range of charity shops across the district who would welcome donations of clothing and accessories. You should check with your local charity shop to see exactly what they collect.

* If you have bedding or towels that you don’t want or need anymore they can be taken to a local cat or dog home. There is also a local seal sanctuary that accepts these donations!

* Hold a Swishing event. Swapping clothes with your friends and family can divert a lot of clothing away from disposal and is a free way to get some clothes that are new to you! For more tips and advice visit www.greenbaglot

* If your textiles aren’t fit for the charity shop take them to the Household Waste Recycling Centre on West Marsh Road, Spalding.

* Have a re-use party. There are lots of ideas on how your can use old clothing or household textiles for a whole range of craft projects.

You could create a cushion cover from an old sweater or a draft excluder from your old T-shirt. The possibilities are endless.

Please remember to think before you put your textiles in a black bag. Could they be used again?