Great singing and great fun for a great cause in West Pinchbeck

Pavanotti enters from back, handing out flowers
Pavanotti enters from back, handing out flowers
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An evening of great singing and great fun was enjoyed when local favourite PavaNotti held a fundraising concert at St Bartholomew’s Church in West Pinchbeck.

This amazingly versatile entertainer provided singing of the highest quality plus his own brand of original humour, which had the audience singing along and laughing all the way through.

PavaNotti enjoys his standing ovation

PavaNotti enjoys his standing ovation

There was ‘serious’ singing of course – notably in stirring renditions of ‘Nessun Dorma’ and ‘The Holy City’.

Also worth a mention was a memorable ‘If I Were a Rich Man’ during which the audience provided the farmyard animal noises. Who’d have thought there’d be lions in a farmyard?

Flowers were a theme of the evening as ‘Pav’ presented them to the ladies in the audience during his unique and surprising grand entrance.

Later he gave a beautiful red rose to Pauline Seymour and a little ‘something’ to her husband, Jim, to commemorate the 56th Anniversary of their wedding which took place in that very church.

There were a few tears as ‘Pav’ serenaded Pauline with ‘Be My Love’ – the happy couple’s ‘special’ song.

Organiser of the event was Wendy Houghton who said that “everyone enjoyed it and we made a fantastic £630.”

Geoff and Vivienne Priestman of Spalding were in the audience. They said: “It was a wonderful evening. We love PavaNotti and this was the third time we’ve seen him. It was a joy and a pleasure to sit in the church and listen to singing of such high quality.”

PavaNotti (AKA Jeff Woods) said: “It’s such a pleasure for me to entertain the lovely people of our area and it’s great that I help raise money for deserving churches – over £3,000 so far this year.

I’m thrilled and honoured that my brand of great singing and great fun is so enjoyed and appreciated.”

Jacqui King