Great ‘Houdini’ dog escape has neighbours barking mad

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A three-legged dog is driving a neighbourhood in Surfleet barking mad since being rescued by Guardian gardening guru Daphne Ledward.

The dog has been escaping from its home in Seas End Road and fouling neighbours’ gardens.

Daphne Ledward and her three legged dog Thorn, Surfleet'Photo:  SG050613-TW

Daphne Ledward and her three legged dog Thorn, Surfleet'Photo: SG050613-TW

Daphne rescued the greyhound cross before Christmas after it was dumped from a van near a dog sanctuary at Algarkirk.

Kirton vets Elwood, Briggs and Turner had to amputate its left shoulder and leg after an operation failed to mend its smashed elbow.

But since recovering the young bitch – re-named Faune because she’s like a deer – has been getting into trouble, opening doors at the home Daphne shares with husband, John, and four other greyhounds.

Daphne said: “We’ve had a letter from the council 
saying we’ve been allowing her to roam and foul in people’s gardens and if it continues we could be issued with a £1,000 fine.

“But she’s like Houdini – she can escape through a locked door by turning the key and the handle with her mouth and she pulls back the bolt on the gate.

“We’ve had builders in so we’ve had to be careful to remember to take the key out of the door.

“If we chase her she ends up on the A16. No-one else has complained – all people need to do is tell us and we’ll go and clear up the mess. There’s no need to go to the council.

“Even though she escapes we wouldn’t want to get rid of her now. We call her the devil’s daughter because she’s always looking for trouble. She just does it to be annoying. She always comes back.”