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Reuse at Christmas
Reuse at Christmas
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THINK GREEN: By South Holland District Council waste and recycling officer Laura Simpkins

Reuse at Christmas is great and there are lots of ways you can make this Christmas green.

A great example of this is using everyday objects around you to make creative and fun decorations. One favourite easy make are the reused glass jars that you can see above that make great tea light candle holders. These simple craft ideas are great at Christmas for children and big kids alike and a cheaper alternative to some high street stores.

All you need for this craft is an empty glass jar, some old newspapers, magazines or junk mail and some glue.

1. Make sure the jar you are using is clean and any labels are removed.

2. Find some festive colours in your old magazines, newspapers or junk mail.

3. Cut some Christmas shapes out – snowflakes, Christmas trees and stars have been used on the one pictured left. Be creative and make the festive shapes as simple or as complicated as you want.

4. Stick your shapes onto your glass jar with your glue.

5. You now have a festive candle holder; all you need to do is add a tea light!

Tip: You could try this craft with old wine bottles and longer candles.

As well as reusing your empty packaging, remember to recycle this festive period. Some recycling and refuse collections are changing over Christmas and New Year. For people who normally have their bags collected on a Thursday (Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) the collection date will be moved to the following Saturday, December 27 and January 3 respectively. For people who are due a collection on Boxing Day (Friday) the collection will take place the following Friday, January 2

For any additional information please contact Environmental Services 
on 01775761161 or email Remember – don’t give to landfill this Christmas!

Please recycle after reading.