GRAFFITI: Does nobody care about our community?

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I’m glad Father James Burke (Spalding Guardian, February 26) drew attention to the offensive graffiti depicting St Mary, and asked for it to be removed. While people are murdered for daring to print a cartoon of Mohammed, it seems fine to insult Christianity. And it’s high time the graffiti in question was erased.

But there’s a wider problem in Spalding, I think. In the same edition, a letter drew attention to the horrendous amount of litter in and around the town, which I’ve seen increase to even greater amounts this year, and another article spoke of problems with drinkers in a public area.

To this reader, these problems would appear to point to what seems to be a gradual erosion of community spirit.

The people of Spalding are warm and friendly, and it’s one of the reasons we moved here 10 years ago. But gradually, there seems to have been a growing lack of involvement in, and awareness of, the quality of our environment in South Holland.

The loss of the Flower Parade was a symptom of this, but the growth in litter, fly tipping, undesirables drinking in communal areas, and offensive graffiti are others.

What is happening to our community? Is it because nobody cares? Do people feel helpless in the face of these problems and so don’t try to remedy them? Do people still want Spalding to be the quiet, 
attractive, sometimes beautiful town it once was?

And it’s not just in Spalding that these problems are occurring. All over South Holland there seems to be a general deterioration in the environment, because of excessive litter, graffiti, and anti-social behaviour. It’s as though a whole generation is growing up having been, as my grandmother would say, “badly brought up”.

It’s high time we thought as a community, and decided what can be done to preserve the pleasant, small town environment that was once a real gem in the Fens, and could be so again.

Dr Elizabeth Stewart

via email