Government grant slashed but cut won’t be passed on to residents

Gary Porter
Gary Porter
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It was confirmed yesterday that the grant South Holland receives from government for the year ahead has been reduced by around 15 per cent, down from £6.42million to £5.42m.

Despite this cut, South Holland District Council leader Gary Porter has reiterated the council’s commitment to reducing the council tax paid by residents.

Coun Porter, said: “It is disappointing the grant has been cut by this amount. However, we understand the government has to balance its books due to the state of the economy.

“We are determined to defend our residents and ensure this cut isn’t passed on to them. That is why they will see a reduction in the council tax they pay for a fourth successive year.

“Back in 2011 we froze and then cut our share of the local tax bill. In 2015 cabinet will recommend that from April onwards we cut council tax again. This means a real terms cut of around 16 per cent for our residents.”

* South Holland receives around 11 per cent of the total council tax collected within the district. The remainder goes to the police, county council and town and parish councils.