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Gosberton danger spot: Will new 'No Entry' sign stop the near misses at confusing junction?

Campaigners calling for action at a dangerous junction in Gosberton are welcoming the appearance of a new ‘No Entry’ sign.

Drivers from the Boston direction are mistakenly entering the village by an exit-only lane, causing a series of near misses with oncoming traffic.

This newspaper, residents, the parish council, district councillor Jane King and MP Sir John Hayes have called on the county council to act.

The painted sign is already fading through passing traffic and Sir John - while welcoming the step - will ask the county council to “put some more paint down”.

A welcome step - but the No Entry sign has already faded.
A welcome step - but the No Entry sign has already faded.

After a wave of requests for action in May, the county council refused to act - saying there was very little accident history there.

Sir John says: “We had the initial go but I went back again and had another go.”

Coun King said: “If people enter the junction from the wrong direction now they have no excuses because the sign is there and they can see it.”

Although grateful for the sign,Coun King also wants to see it refreshed and made clearer.

Gosberton parish councillor Rowland Perry said: “Well, it’s a start, isn’t it?

“Obviously they (the county council) have come to the decision that there is a problem there or they would not have done anything.

“We will have to wait and see what happens but some people have said it doesn’t make any difference because drivers are still turning in there.”

Coun Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “Our highways team recently visited the junction to refresh the existing ‘Give Way’ markings as part of our routine maintenance programme.

“In light of the local concerns, we asked the team to put in an additional ‘No Entry’ marking to help dispel the apparent confusion.

“As previously stated, the low accident history at the junction means we are unlikely to receive funding for more extensive changes, so no additional works are planned at this time.”

Following the comments about the 'No Entry' sign fading, Coun Davies said: "Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, and would be likely to happen again if we repainted the markings.

"Despite the tyre marks, the wording is clearly legible so we won't be repainting the sign in the immediate future.

"If the wording does fade to the point that it can't be read, we will arrange for the markings to be refreshed."

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