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Gosberton church minister in name and shame call over pet owners who won’t pick up dog poo

Steve Weatherly-Barton is happy to clear up after his pet dog, Clint. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG040418-125TW
Steve Weatherly-Barton is happy to clear up after his pet dog, Clint. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG040418-125TW

A church minster is calling for reckless dog owners to be named and shamed if they don’t pick up dog poo that can pose a serious health hazard.

The Rev Steve Weatherly-Barton, from Gosberton Baptist Church, posted his views on the Facebook (FB) Gosberton group.

Mr Weatherly-Barton said: “These dog owners who don’t clear up need to be named and shamed – (and I’m a dog owner) – because dog poo is not just messy, it’s a serious health hazard.

“I don’t want to start a witch hunt, but I think if we witness this happening we should be prepared to report it on FB, and provide any information we have about dog and/or owner – name, description, location, photograph, etc.”

The minister posted a link to health hazards posed by dog poo. Toxocariasis can affect people of all ages but most commonly harms children aged one to four years because they are the group least likely to wash their hands properly.

Symptoms include seizures, stomach upsets, sore throats, breathing difficulties and eye problems that can lead to permanent blindness.

Mr Weatherly-Barton told the Spalding Guardian: “I think there is so much evidence that dog poo is potentially dangerous – especially for young children.

“It really is disturbing that there are dog owners, certainly in Gosberton and in Spalding from what I have seen, who are simply not bothering to pick up the dog poo.”

He says people can use plastic bags or plastic scoops and put the poo in a bin, out of harm’s way.

Mr Weatherly-Barton says there’s particular concern in Gosberton about dog poo left on the pavement near the school and in the park, which has a dedicated children’s play area.

He said: “Officially dogs are not allowed in the park, but that’s officially. I have certainly been in there and seen dog mess in the park.”

Mr Weatherly-Barton has also been known to pick up dog poo that other dog owners have failed to deal with.

He picks up after his own dog, Clint, who was abandoned six years ago and the Weatherly-Bartons adopted him after finding him limping through the snow.

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