God always hears every word we say

Rev Ian Walters
Rev Ian Walters
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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: By Rev Ian Walters, Gosberton Group of Parish Churches

Tried contacting a bank or phone or power company recently? Ever been struggling with a website that resists your attempts to make contact or complain? If you phone you may be sixth in the queue, and who’s paying for the call while you listen to that music? It feels often they just want you to pay up and shut up. Ever thought that things you buy seem a bit smaller than they were? Look for those words ‘new size’! It often seems like the big organisations are trying to cheat us out of our money and don’t care about us. But many of us believe God always hears every word we say and wants to answer every question we have and will always give us the very best. He will never ever cheat you and is closer to you than you probably imagine. Sometimes we are driven to prayer (“God help me!” might work!) but actually a from the heart talk to God will not only do you the world of good but he will listen and he has a habit of answering. I believe he will never fail you.