Go wild this June to improve your health and happiness

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This June can you do something wild every day for the entire month?

The Wildlife Trusts has launched a month long challenge called ‘30 Days Wild’ to encourage people to become more connected with nature.

Scientific evidence from last year’s challenge showed how nature had improved participants’ health and happiness.

The challenge simply involves having a ‘wild’ experience every day, whether it’s listening to bird song, walking along a nearby river, enjoying the sunset or climbing a tree. It’s up to you! You can join the challenge any time.

The Wildlife Trusts even have an app that can suggest ‘random acts of wildness’ to help give you some inspiration.

The goal is to spend more time immersed in the natural world.

You can also download a special pack with ideas and a wall planner from the Wildlife Trusts’ website.

Following last year’s challenge, the University of Derby conducted a study which found that after taking part in 30 Days Wild the number of people reporting their health as excellent increased by over 30 percent.

This comes amidst growing recognition that connecting with nature can improve both mental and physical well-being.

June is a wonderful time to get outside, the days are at their longest and wildflowers are blooming encouraging butterflies and bees to zip around on their quest for pollen.

Young birds that hatched in spring are learning to fly and all the wildlife of the Lincolnshire countryside is making the most of the warmer weather and increased sunlight.

Nestled in the heart of the fens the Spalding area is a great place to experience nature. Water courses spread like veins across the land, many rich with birds, plants and insects.

No matter where you live – from town centres to remote country villages – wildlife and wild places are all around, waiting to be discovered by you.

People all over Lincolnshire have already joined the challenge.

Find out more about 30 Days Wild on the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trusts website and share your stories on social media using #30DaysWild. http://www.lincstrust.org.uk/30-days-wild