Gluten-free fish and chips now on the menu

Sandy and Bill Rai with gluten-free battered cod. (SG170317-111TW)
Sandy and Bill Rai with gluten-free battered cod. (SG170317-111TW)
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Gluten-free fish and chips are the latest addition to the menu at an award-winning Spalding chippy.

Bill and Sandy Rai, who run Oh My Cod, in Alexandra Road, decided to offer the alternative alongside their traditional fare once a month after being inundated with requests from customers.

The gluten-free version will initially be available on the first Tuesday of each month, starting from April, and if there is enough demand Mr Rai says it could be made available every Tuesday.

“I think we’re the first to 
offer this in Spalding – we’ve had a lot of people asking for gluten-free fish and chips, but before our shop refurbishment we didn’t have the space.

“Now we’ve got the room for an extra fryer which is specifically for the gluten-free food, so we’re looking forward to seeing how it goes,” he said.

As well as gluten-free fish and chips, the shop is also set to start serving gluten-free curry sauce, which will be available alongside other side dishes including peas the beans.

Mr Rai says the gluten-free fish and chips will be priced exactly the same as the other fish and chips available in 
order to make things fair.

As well as the new addition to the menu, Oh My Cod has recently re-opened following a refurbishment.

The shop has been made open plan to give staff and customers more space.

It has also been redecorated, featuring new pictures of Spalding from bygone years.

Oh My Cod is well known locally – and nationally – for adding more unusual items to its repertoire. In the past Mr Rai has sold battered Creme Eggs, Oreos, Mars Bars and mince pies.

Shop staff are already getting requests for the battered Creme Eggs and Mr Rai promises they will be back on sale in time for Easter, priced 80p each.