Giving helping hand in India

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A HOLBEACH woman and her mother have been out in India helping victims of HIV and AIDS.

Laura Bray-Whitworth joined mother Maureen Bray in aiding Care Home Project India.

It was Mrs Bray’s seventh visit to India.

The pair adopted orphan siblings Stella and Johnson while visiting Bangalore back in 2000.

Over the years they have shared letters and photographs, but the most recent trip was to attend Stella’s wedding.

Mrs Bray said: “The children have been my own personal charity that I have funded from my own pocket totally independent of the 12 years I have been fundraising for the Care Home Project India.

“One woman walked miles in the searing heat to the care home, as she came in the doorway she collapsed in a heap.

“The Indian Government has pledged to match every penny we raise here in the UK for the project.”

The charity has raised more than £65,000 over the last 12 years across Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire.