Girls with Balls is on the Spalding stage

Girls with Balls.
Girls with Balls.
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A regular column from South Holland Centre in Spalding.

With the England Women’s Football team currently in the USA playing against the world’s three best female teams, women’s soccer is in the news.

The game is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and in this country women’s teams have multiplied rapidly over the past decade.

But it has been a long journey, and Leicester playwright Alison Dunne has taken this as the theme for her bold new play Girls With Balls appearing here in Spalding on Wednesday, April 20.

Did you know that until 1971 the FA banned girls from playing on their football grounds at all?

This story focuses on three feisty factory girls of the ’ 70s era, Jaz, Shel and Mo, and the challenges they face both on and off the ground to play the beautiful game.

Inspired by true events, Girls with Balls takes a fearless look at women, men and football with emotion, laughs, some strong language and a lot of grit.

One reviewer said: “The language is striking, off beat and raw – it feels true to its time, and gives an edge to an important but little known era of sporting history.”

The South Holland Centre is delighted to present this entertaining new piece of theatre produced in the East Midlands.

Tickets are £12.50 or less, with a special £7.50 concession for under 26s.

Get a team together and make a night of it!