Ghost stories and strange activity at Long Sutton tea room

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There’ll be spooky goings-on in Long Sutton tonight (Tuesday, August 29) as a woman who claims to have spoken to Elvis from beyond the grave tells stories of ghosts and paranormal activity.

Author Reverend Elizabeth Paddon will speak at a ‘spooky supper’ at Mal’s Vintage Tea Room in Market Place, signing copies of her books ‘Why There are Ghosts,’ and ‘The Soul Saver’.

Elizabeth says she once had a séance with Elvis Presley on behalf of his step-brother Billy Stanley who said he has no doubts that Elizabeth is in touch with his brother.

Host and tea room owner Mal Jenkins is a medium and psychic herself, admitting: “I speak to dead people.

“This has been with me a long time. I’ve been doing it since I was in my 30s and I’m now 69.

“I do regular readings for people and have also put ghosts to the other side for people who have been disturbed by them. You just try to help them (the ghosts) go to the light.

“I don’t always feel them around me or I would have no energy. I don’t go ghost hunting or ghost calling. It just comes to me.”

Tonight’s event is at 7pm. It costs £11.95 per person for a homemade steak and ale pie and cheesecake supper with a percentage of sales donated to PJ Cat Rescue Charity. Call Mal on 01406 363331.

Mal’s Vintage Tea Room holds spooky suppers once every 4-6 weeks on a Tuesday evening, attracting around 10-15 people.

Mal said: “People are interested in ghosts and the paranormal.

“My first boyfriend’s mother was involved in mediumship but I didn’t get involved in it until I was an adult.

“I was in a spritual ‘circle’ for 20 years and I have also taken the circle.

“You don’t ‘see’ a ghost, you feel it coming to you.”

Author Elizabeth will be sharing stories from her two books including ‘The Soul Saver’ which contains further paranormal investigations she is currently carrying out.