Get your local newspapers for 41p each

Our receptionist Lucy can help you to subscribe.
Our receptionist Lucy can help you to subscribe.
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Free Press and Spalding Guardian readers can save money while supporting local shops with our great subscription offer.

If you sign up before November 10, you can get your copies for just 41p each every week.

When you subscribe, we will send out a set of vouchers that can be used at local retailers for a huge saving. Plus, by taking advantage of this great offer you can support your village shop or neighbourhood newsagent.

Abba and Asgar from Spalding News in the town’s Market Place, said: “We are encouraging all our customers to sign up to this for three reasons. It’s a big discount for them, they will be supporting their local newsagents and supporting their local papers.”

They also do home and business deliveries in the Spalding area and these customers can get a saving too.

To take advantage of the subscription offer, simply and select Lincolnshire Free Press or Spalding Guardian from the drop-down list.

You will then be asked to enter an exclusive code – SPGOP0014 for the Free Press and SPGOP0015 for the Guardian.

Or pop into out offices at The Crescent in Spalding and our receptionists Lisa and Lucy (pictured above) will help you to subscribe. Photo: SG121012-141TW