Get a grip on the Spalding rubbish problem

Coun Jack McLean tackling rubbish along the River Welland in Spalding
Coun Jack McLean tackling rubbish along the River Welland in Spalding
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My family and I have lived in Spalding for nearly 20 years and, since moving to our present home, the whole of the town has changed dramatically.

The amount of rubbish left on the streets is amazing. I have been trying for years to get South Holland District Council, local councillors and MPs to make an effort to get the town tidied up, so that we can enjoy a pleasant rural town.

Just the other week, we went to Bourne Road to buy some meat from a local butcher.

Having parked, we were faced with negotiating a heap of detritus that had been dumped on the footpath.

On returning home, we found another heap in Grosvenor Court.

The district council does not seem to be able to get a grip on the problem, which is exacerbated by the use of black and green sacks instead of refuse bins.

It leads to people putting sacks of rubbish out on the street when they are full, rather than putting them out on the collecting day.

Another major issue with the district council is the apparent lack of will to tidy up derelict buildings and properties in the town.

Current eyesores include the old Post Office building in The Crescent, the Bull and Monkey in Churchgate, Drydens in Hall Place, and Paul Taylor DJC, the mobility shop, Brennans Bar, all in Winsover Road.

The whole area between Market Place and the Crescent with entry via Gore Lane is a total mess, with broken walls, derelict car parking areas and rubbish – you name it, it is there.

The same can be said of the area behind the gentlemen’s club in Broad Street.

I live in a lovely house in Green Lane, but we are blighted by inconsiderate late-night revellers, who dump their takeaway rubbish from the town centre on to our driveway and frontage.

I regularly pick up two or three carrier bags full of beer cans, takeaway cartons and foreign cigarette packs (with no UK duty paid).

In fact, we just seem to be the right distance away from town centre takeaways to have all their rubbish dumped on us.

To tackle the problem, I have asked the district council to provide some rubbish bins along Green Lane, but have had no response.

Maybe the problem is that Spalding does not have a town council, which might be more interested in looking after the interests of Spalding, instead of the district council, which, for its sins, has to look after an area stretching from Market Deeping to Sutton Bridge.