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General Election 2019: Meet the candidates

Today you will be able to learn more about the people who are hoping to become your MP.

We have invited the five candidates for the South Holland and the Deepings seat to provide us with a 250 word statement.

Martin Blake (Green), Sir John Hayes (Con), Davina Kirby (Lib Dem), Mark Popple (Lab) and Rick Stringer (Ind) are vying for your votes on Thursday.

Martin Blake, Green party candidate for South Holland and the Deepings (22604436)
Martin Blake, Green party candidate for South Holland and the Deepings (22604436)

Martin Blake (Green)

“As a long-standing resident of South Holland and the Deepings, who’s been campaigning here for years and working with community organisations, I bring a wealth of local knowledge to the role of parliamentary candidate.

“In this low-lying constituency we’re especially vulnerable to climate change. Rainfall here is projected to increase by at least 14per cent. Rising sea levels threaten the survival of some communities. We have until 2030 to avoid catastrophe.

“We urgently need a Green New Deal based around:

1. Investing in renewable energy production, phasing out fossil fuels, ending fracking, introducing a Carbon Tax and improving energy efficiency to make our economy carbon-neutral by 2030, creating millions of green jobs.

2. Introducing proportional representation so everyone’s vote counts, replacing the House of Lords with an elected second chamber, and giving 16- and 17-year olds the vote.

3. Resolving Brexit by putting the final decision back to the people. We’re better-informed now about what Brexit will mean, and we know that Donald Trump has his eyes on our NHS. The Green Party would campaign to remain in a reformed EU.

4. Diverting funds from vanity projects like HS2 into renewing our whole public transport network.

“5. Tackling poverty by replacing our unfair benefits system, including Universal Credit, with a Universal Basic Income, payable to all UK residents.

“Only the Green Party has the policies, and the will, to turn things around. We’ve always been on the right side of history. If ever there’s a time to vote Green, it’s now.”

John Hayes (23440163)
John Hayes (23440163)

Sir John Hayes (Conservative)

“This election is about who you choose to speak for you in Parliament and who leads our nation as Prime Minister.

“An MP’s task is to fight for the interests of their constituents; that’s why I’m amongst the most active MPs, speaking in the Commons on 90 occasions and submitting over 200 questions in the last year alone.

“Beyond my work in Parliament, what matters is the difference I have made to you here in Lincolnshire - where I have taken up more than 25,000 individual cases for those in need.

“Living at the heart of our area, my family use the same roads, schools, shops and hospitals as the people I’ve represented for more than 20 years, meaning what’s best for you is best for us too. You know as I do that politicians shouldn’t just turn up at elections – it’s all year-round work that counts.

“Nationally, we face a once in a generation choice. Boris Johnson will get Brexit done, ending uncertainty to move on as a nation and invest in vital public services – with 50,000 more nurses and 20,000 more police officers. The frightening alternative is Jeremy Corbyn – Labour’s most left wingleader ever. A vote for any party other than the Conservatives risks a destructive ‘remain coalition’ stealing Brexit from the people, breaking the promise to honour the referendum.

“I have never taken the honour of speaking on your behalf for granted and hope you will give me your support again on Thursday.”

Davina Kirby (21034011)
Davina Kirby (21034011)

Davina Kirby (Liberal Democrat)

“Why vote for me, Davina Kirby, your Liberal Democrat candidate on Thursday?If you vote for me, I’ll deliver for South Holland and the Deepings all the benefits of fair funding that Sir John Hayes has failed to deliver for the past 22 years as your Member of Parliament.

“I ask you not just to look back at what has been said and happened over leaving the EU. Look at the consequences of the Conservative Government’s cuts on you and your public services; the NHS, social care, schools, police, social justice and your income. Each year compared to other areas, nearly £2,000 less per person is awarded in this area for the funding of these services. Can you really trust either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn?

“Both the Conservatives and Labour’s spending plans don’t stack up and could be described as electoral bribes to mitigate the harsh austerity we have all endured and suffered for years. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has slammed both the two major political parties for having unrealistic and poorly costed manifesto promises. The Lib Dems’ central approach relying on the £50 billion Remain bonus was the manifesto favoured by the IFS and to pass its in depth scrutiny.

“Both the Conservatives and Labour will be jeopardising the Union with Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. No longer would we be called the United Kingdom we will be nothing but Little England.

“I will live in the constituency and work untiringly for you.”

Mark Popple (23151222)
Mark Popple (23151222)

Mark Popple (Labour)

“It is an honour to stand as your local Labour candidate.

“If elected, I will ensure our area gets a fairer deal by funding our local authorities properly, so we can prosper.

“Labour provides for all.

“For our doctors, nurses and the patients, those working and using our NHS, we will increase funding to take the stress off waiting for appointments not just at hospitals but for GP appointments too, and with more staff to make our NHS a stress-free environment for those who work within it.

“We will ensure our children and teachers are served better by funding schools properly.

“We will not just replace some of the police force that has been cut in the last 10 years but also increase it by 2,000 meaning our streets will be safer.

“We will give you job security - banning zero hours contracts and providing a minimum wage of £10 per hour from age 16. By increasing the minimum wage, providing good affordable childcare facilities and SureStart centres, ensuring families have good social housing and the private rented sector is regulated fairly with capped rents and proper contracts, we will give families the security they deserve to bring up their children in a safe environment.

“With more, decent housing, the end to Universal Credit, a fully funded NHS, proper job security and a safer environment we can work towards an end to the need for foodbanks and homeless shelters.

“Under Labour all of us will be better off. Vote Labour.”

Rick Stringer (IND) candidate for South Holland and the Deepings (23129566)
Rick Stringer (IND) candidate for South Holland and the Deepings (23129566)

Rick Stringer (Independent)

Make no mistake, all our values are under threat. Don’t think that. Don’tsaythat!I feel like I’m living in North Korea withouttherice!

Boris Johnson thinks truth is just a word that gets you eight points in a game of Scrabble. A grubby opportunist at the heart ofthe government where facts are about as relevant as water skis to a pantomime horse.

Forty new hospitals to be built? Err make that six. £50million more GP appointments when the number of GPs has fallen despite thefailure of a previous pledge to recruit 5,000 more!

Labour fear Donald Trump’s input into the NHS but they should be turning their ire on Gordon Brown’s disastrous Private Finance Initiative where for example Bart’s Hospital in London, after £1billion of investment, has been saddled with £7billion of debt!

All the parties are coming out with pie-in-the-sky policies. Plucking figures out of thin air.

Is it the Bank of England or the Bank of Ant and Dec that is going to guide monetary policy after the election?

Want a protest vote?I’m your man! Votefor me and I will do my bestto get hammered at your expense in a bar in the House of Commons.

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