Gedney petition to fix roads in poor condition

Coral-Marie Foulsham and neighbours are behind a petition calling for repairs to potholes in Main Road and Albert Avenue, Gedney. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG240917-102TW.
  • Families in claim that ‘dangerous’ potholes are being ignored

Families from a Gedney housing estate have started a petition calling for repairs to roads they claim “are a hazard for our children”.

People living in Main Road and Albert Avenue have complained about potholes, dust and mud that they believe has caused damaged to at least three cars, rat infestation and also pose a risk to children playing outside.

Coral-Marie Foulsham and neighbours show the potholes and mud outside their homes behind Albert Avenue, Gedney. Photo (TIM WILSON): SG240917-107TW.

The petition, launched by mother-of-two Coral-Marie Foulsham, asks Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) to spend some of its £1, 143 million budget on repairing their roads.

Coral-Marie said: “We’ve been ringing the county council to try and get the roads sorted out because it’s dangerous for the kids who keep falling and hurting themselves.

“We’ve also had a problem with rats so someone suggested that we should start a petition because everybody pays their council tax to see something like this done.”

The petition states: “We need the back roadways behind our houses sorting out (because) they are a hazard for our children with all the potholes and people’s cars keep getting damaged.

The whole road needs resurfacing and with the amount of money the council has put into filling the potholes they could have repaired it properly

Adrian Crane, Gedney

“It’s also a nightmare with all the dust and mud coming into our houses.

“People pay road tax and that’s what it is for - restoration of the roads.

“It’s a public roadway so we feel that we shouldn’t be responsible for it (and) it should be sorted out the same as all the other roads.”

Adrian Crane, a neighbour of Coral-Marie’s, said: “The council says there’s no money available, but we know of three cars that have been damaged along the back roads.

“The whole road needs resurfacing and with the amount of money the council has put into filling the potholes they could have repaired it properly.”

A spokesman for Gedney Parish Council said: “The council agrees that many roads in the Parish of Gedney need attention and it constantly reports faults and damage to LCC Highways.

Coun Jo Reynolds, district councillor for Gedney, said: “I visited the area over the weekend and something definitely needs to be done about it.

“I will be contacting South Holland District Council this week to discuss what can be done for the residents.”

However, there is a question mark over who is responsible for maintaining the area behind Main Road, according to Holbeach Rural county councillor Peter Coupland who said: “The roadway in question appears to be the unadopted gravelled road at the rear of the Main Road properties which, I believe, is not an LCC responsibility.

A county highways spokesman said: “We haven’t received any reports regarding problems with Main Road, Gedney.

“The road is regularly inspected and any defects dealt with accordingly.

“Anyone can report a pothole by calling 01522 782070 or visiting

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