GEDNEY PARISH COUNCIL: Search goes on for new play area site

PLAY AREA: The site in Albert Avenue, Gedney, which parish councillors have discounted for use as a children's play area. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG100118-201TW.
  • Old playground in Albert Avenue ruled out for being ‘too isolated’

Gedney may have to wait some time longer for a new play area after a potential site in the village was ruled as being “too isolated”.

Parish councillors decided against taking forward plans to create a play area on land off Albert Avenue during their meeting in Gedney Drove End on Tuesday.where a playground used to be before it was closed due to anti-social behaviour.

It used to be a play area anyway and there’s still an old tunnel left there, but the houses are so far away and it’s too isolated

Coun Andrew Parks, vice chairman, Gedney Parish Council

The search for a suitable play area site in Gedney started last August when a parent wrote to parish councillors asking for a similar facility to ones in both Gedney Dyke and Gedney Drove End.

Read out during August’s parish council meeting, the parent’s letter said: “We have no park for our kids when there must be at least 60 to 70 of them living in Gedney.

“I have three children myself who all need somewhere to play and it would be lovely if we could have a place where children could play safely.”

The parent suggested to councillors that the Albert Avenue site, where a metal tunnel is stil in place, might be suitable and the case was then taken up by Gedney district councillor Jo Reynolds.

A parish council spokesman said: “We have been actively looking for an area in Gedney to install some play equipment after the council received some emails from residents of Albert Avenue requesting a play area on the land behind them.

“Coun Jo Reynolds was also contacted and she has been discussing the possibility of South Holland District Council granting a lease to the parish council.”

But after talks with South Holland District Council, Coun Reynolds said: “The district council has concerns over the location of this area because there is no natural, overlooking surveillance.

“So it wondered how the parish council might deal with any resulting anti-social behaviour, how any measures would be enforced and what action would the parish council propose to take?”

Parish councillors were invited to visit the Albert Avenue site, where a playground used to be before it was closed due to anti-social behaviour, last month before coming to a decision about its suitability.

Coun Andrew Parks said: “It used to be a play area anyway and there’s still an old tunnel left there.

“But the houses are so far away and the area doesn’t even overlook them.

“It’s too isolated and would give rise to the opportunity for anti-social behaviour, the reason why the original park was closed down in the first place.”

Coun Mark Shaw said: “It’s not what I’d call an idea place to put a play area because it’s obscured, compared to the one in Gedney Dyke which is nicely in the middle of the village.

“But that’s the only bit of land which has come up so far.”

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