GEDNEY PARISH COUNCIL: Invitation to join parish plan team

Gedney Parish Council news.
Gedney Parish Council news.
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People living across Gedney will soon be able to shape its future by helping to produce a new Parish Plan.

Leaflets are to be delivered to homes in Gedney, Gedney Broadgate, Gedney Drove End and Gedney Dyke inviting residents to join a Parish Plan committee and sign up for the project.

Coun Andrew Parks, vice chairman of Gedney Parish Council, said: “It’s certainly not going to be easy and we’ll need to have a really good structure in place.

“I don’t think we’ve got the necessary equipment, as a parish council, and we need to get other people involved.

“We’re talking about a long-term project and I don’t think we should approach this lightly because one of the problems we’re going to face is that the emerging (South East Lincolnshire) Local Plan is going to restrict the amount of development in the area.

“So we’ll have to get the whole parish involved.”

Meanwhile, a second bid to turn a barn at Peregrine’s Rest Farm in Hallgate, Gedney, into a home has won parish council support.

South Holland District Council had turned it down as being “extensive and tantamount to the construction of a new building”.

But parish councillors believe it will see an unused building renovated, even though renovations may turn out to be significant.

Coun Parks said: “When we made our original comments, we actually said that it’s not as if it’s (the barn) capable of being changed without structural alterations.

“The renovations are going to be sizeable but we are in favour of it.”

• A series of training courses involving the use of defibrillators to save lives in Gedney are close to being finalised.

Parish councillors plan to hold the first course at Gedney Dyke Village Hall in the new few months.

It will be open to anyone who wants to learn how to use defibrillators outside village halls in Gedney, Gedney Drove End and Gedney Dyke.

• People in Gedney who rely on the South Holland Voluntary Car Scheme have received good news from parish councillors.

Another five years’ worth of funding is to be sought from the Gedney Marsh Windcluster Fund to pay for the service in the area.

Coun Ian Field, parish council chairman, said: “We support the voluntary car scheme as it provides an environmentally-friendly service.”