GEDNEY HILL PARISH COUNCIL New fears over parking and speeding vehicles at village school

Problems with parking and speeding have been reported around Gedney Hill Primary School. Photo: SG250517-104TW.
  • Parish council to work with head teacher and governors on ‘safety concerns’

Fears that a serious accident could happen outside Gedney Hill Primary School are to be taken up by parish councillors.

Cars parked on and opposite zig-zag lines and drivers flouting the village’s 30mph speed limit were highlighted during May’s parish council meeting at Gedney Hill Memorial Hall.

The issues were raised by villager Colin Northover, who claimed that his partner had decided to delay her drive home until after the school day had ended.

In a letter to parish councillors, Mr Northover said: “There is an ongoing issue of parents’ car parking on North Road during the morning drop-off and end-of-school pick-up of pupils from the primary school.

“During these periods, parents’ vehicles are often parked opposite residents’ driveways and, in some instances, completely blocking them.

“It is of particular concern when children are allowed to get out of cars on the roadside, as the parked cars cause an obstruction to other vehicles driving past the school.

Our school numbers have doubled over the last few years and this brings with it the additional problems of parking.

Alison Buddle, Executive Head Teacher, Gedney Hill Primary School

“Another issue is when vehicles park opposite driveways - it makes leaving properties difficult for residents and dangerous for oncoming cars or children walking in the road.”

“Speeding in Gedney Hill is also a problem, as we’ve sat on the grass and could hear cars coming up the road at more than 30mph.”

Alison Buddle, the school’s executive head teacher, said: “Unfortunately, none of the residents have contacted us directly about parking and we were not aware that parking had become an issue.

“However, our school numbers have doubled over the last few years and this brings with it the additional problems of parking.

She added: “I will send out a letter to parents informing them where they should be parking and, of course, reminding them not to let children out into the traffic.”

Ian Stancer, chairman of governors at the school, said: “I can confirm that neither myself, nor the rest of the governing body and staff have had any contact from the school’s neighbours regarding any undue problem with parking.

“It’s a symptom of modern life that these issues can crop up at peak times and whilst parents are encouraged to act responsibly, we have no direct control beyond the school gate.

“We will, of course, treat any safety concerns with the greatest of importance at all times and would ask residents to contact the school directly in the first instance as the quickest way to solve any issues.”

A Lincolnshire County Council highways spokesman said: “We urge parents to park safely and responsibly when on the school run.

“If necessary, park a short distance from the school and walk, rather than inconveniencing local residents by causing congestion and parking across driveways.

“People should also remember that if they cause an obstruction, it could result in police action.”

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