GASIFIER: We will fight this scheme all the way

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An open letter to South Holland District Council regarding the gasifier.

1 – Who initiated the gasifier proposal – the council or the energy company? If SHDC, what were your reasons?

2 – What alternative sites were considered, and why was Sutton Bridge selected?

3 – What environmental studies have been undertaken to assess the impact on the area?

4 – Building a gasifier next to a gas-fired power station is grossly irresponsible, as they have already proved to be a significant fire risk. What do the fire authorities say?

5 – The villages of West Norfolk would be in the direct path of any pollution. What is their response?

6 – Have you assessed the impact on local property values? What was the result?

7 – The gasifier would be burning trees cut down specifically for the purpose. How is cutting down and burning of trees, which absorb carbon dioxide, be justifiable?

8 – The company may use Sutton Bridge Port to import material. How many shipments would this involve and what volume?

9 – Have you assessed the strength of the bridge and its ability to withstand such an increase in heavy traffic?

10 – Some of the traffic is bound to try to go through the village. How does the council propose to prevent this?

11 – The development would be next to a number of food factories. How would contamination be prevented?

12 – Have you submitted the plans to independent experts? 13 – I understand the company’s planned installation in Peterborough has not been completed. Why not? Is Sutton Bridge being used as a ‘guinea pig’?

Our district councillors are, for some reason, not supporting us, and local residents believe this development is being “dumped” on us as we are as far as possible from Spalding, and are a small, not very wealthy, area which it was hoped would not be able to put up much of a fight against it.

If this is what the council thought, they were wrong, as we in Sutton Bridge intend to fight this and its attendant health risks in every possible way.

J Wells

Sutton Bridge