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South Holland car garages still carrying out MOTs as long as they can

Garages across South Holland are still open for drivers looking for MOT tests on their cars, Spalding Today can confirm.

A number of garages based in Spalding, Moulton, Pinchbeck and Long Sutton said it was "business as usual", despite the Government's tightening restrictions on which businesses can stay open during the coronavirus emergency.

But a few garages are putting MOT bookings on hold at the end of the week.

A number of car garages in South Holland are offering MOT services as normal.
A number of car garages in South Holland are offering MOT services as normal.

Jason Martin, of J & M Autos, Spalding, said: "We're looking to close everything down on Friday, for the time being, and we'll be doing MOTs just to clear the backlog before then."

Meanwhile, Fleet Road Garage in Holbeach plan to offer a weekly MOT service on Thursday from next week.

A spokesman said: "We're staying as normal until Friday and then we'll have MOT bookings one day a week.

"If it goes mad, then we'll look at doing MOTs two days a week."

In contrast, Derek Tomblin, of Tomblins Garage in Pinchbeck, said: "We're open at the moment and doing MOTs until we're told otherwise."

Similarly, David Sanderson, of Sandersons in Moulton, said: "Hopefully, we're doing something for the Government that needs to be done.

"As sad as things are, vehicles need to be tested and we need to keep things moving.

"If you don't, when this thing clears up, we'll be inundated with people wanting MOTs.

"So we're doing our best to be helpful."

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