GAMING REVIEW: Up to 100 hours of sandbox action on role-playing shooter

Borderlands ANL-150331-133938001
Borderlands ANL-150331-133938001
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If you’ve never played either the acclaimed Borderlands 2 or its spin-off Pre-sequel before – then this is undoubtedly the best way to experience it.

This smoother and prettier package may seem like a bit of a cash-in – and is arguably a bit pricey if you’ve played both before – but there really is no better way to watch Handsome Jack’s reign and rise to power.

Boasting up to potentially a hundred hours worth of sandbox action on Pandora and its moon, this action role-playing shooter includes all campaign add-ons – along with great character customisation.

Throw in next-gen console utilisation – with up to four players on a single split-screen – then this goes more than half way... right beneath the borderline.

Rating: 4/5