GAMING REVIEW: So enjoyable it’s almost impossible to put your controller down

Saint's Row ANL-150120-113432001
Saint's Row ANL-150120-113432001
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The ‘Saints’ go to infinity and beyond in their most chaotically funny adventure yet – remastered for next-gen consoles with a great new stand alone expansion.

As your Saint character gets elevated to Presidency, your haven is disrupted by an alien invasion which leaves you trapped in the massive Matrix-inspired open-world of Steelport – complete with an outrageously zany array of weapons and super-powers at your disposal.

What makes Re-elected stand-out though – beyond boasting all the DLC from the original game – is the exhilarating new six-hour Gat Out of Hell expansion (playing as either Johnny Gat or Kinzie Kensington) that just about makes it worth venturing back into this graphically-enhanced world alone, as you wage war against the Prince of Darkness.

The new add-on might not be quite enough for some who have played this before, but the pure enjoyment and hilarity levels are so ramped to the max it’s almost impossible to put your controller down once you get playing again.

Go intergalactic for the best version of Saint’s Row yet.

By Gavin Miller – Rating: 4/5