Gaming review: Game needs some serious bodywork to be a winner

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F1 2015 (PS4/X1/PC)


Formula One is another officially licensed game that is on a practice lap after sporting a new gaming engine.

After a gap year for the franchise, this has been built from the ground up, and is a better all-round experience.

The new version provides enhanced visuals and handling, that makes it one of 
the best versions of F1 to drive.

But sadly, much like with EA’s PGA game, the lack of content and features – with modes cleverly trying to mask over that fact – it takes some of the shine off the solid foundations that has been laid for Lewis Hamilton and cohorts, and sometimes simply feels like a glorified tech demo.

So the basics are right, but the game needs some serious bodywork to bring it into line with past offerings – to take it convincingly past the chequered flag.

Rating: 3/5