GAMING REVIEW: Final instalment of Batman trilogy even more epic and grand than previous two

Batman Arkham Knight ANL-150623-143047001
Batman Arkham Knight ANL-150623-143047001
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If Arkham Asylum was Batman Begins, Arkham City the Dark Knight – then Arkham Knight is the Dark Knight Rises.

That’s because, just like the last film in the Christopher Nolan universe (which is pound-for-pound my 
favourite), developer Rocksteady’s final instalment in their gaming trilogy is more epic and grander in scale than the two games before it – with just a few minor niggles that prevent it from absolute greatness – that provides us with a truly grandiose ending to a sensational franchise.

Fortunately said niggles – basically the overuse of Batmobile puzzling elements and some slightly underwhelming story plotlines – are so small it can’t detract from the luscious visuals, breathtaking combat, great voice-acting (Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill), jaw-dropping (and far more active) open world arena, and the aforementioned Batmobile being a glorious addition for the most part.

So if this is the last time the Caped Crusader takes flight over Gotham in a standalone game – maybe a massive DC Comics’ superhero collaboration could be next Rocksteady? – then he disappears into the night by bringing finite justice to one of gaming’s greatest ever series.

By Gavin Miller: Rating: 5/5