GAMING REVIEW: Child-friendly game recreates Spielberg’s universe in bricks

Lego Jurrasic World ANL-150623-143123001
Lego Jurrasic World ANL-150623-143123001
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Just when you thought the world of Lego games were getting a little prehistoric – Jurassic World opens for business.

Featuring all three original Jurassic Park films (from 1993-2001) and the record-breaking new Jurassic World movie, this child-friendly game lovingly recreates Spielberg’s universe in brick-building form – with the trademark Lego gameplay and humour.

It’s hard to argue that the Lego gaming concept is getting a touch stale, but with such iconic T-Rex and Raptor-fuelled (and now Indominus Rex) scenes included in this package – this takes a giant bite out of previous Lego gaming competitors.

By Gavin Miller: Rating: 4/5