Games review: McIlroy scores a birdie on his first outing

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The World No 1 player missed The Open this past week as he couldn’t walk on his own two feet – and this updated version similarly needs to walk before it can run.

It’s sad that the first time the UK’s best player gets his name on top of EA’s famous PGA golfing game – taking over from Tiger Woods – is sadly attached to this ‘bare bones’ overhaul, which astonishingly has a dramatically culled roster and lack of officially licensed courses.

Boasting the Battlefield Frostbite 3 game engine, the general gameplay mechanics are decent (including customisable control set-up), with impressive graphics, noteworthy mini-games and better loading times, but with so many of the other fundamentals severely lacking (particularly the career mode) – this just feels rushed, unfinished and full of holes.

If they can get all the features back for the next outing they’ve got a chance to make par, or even a birdie – but McIlroy regrettably scores a bogey on his first outing.

Rating: 2/5