GAME REVIEW: Tenth Mortal Kombat game is the best

Mortal Kombat ANL-150421-163902001
Mortal Kombat ANL-150421-163902001
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It’s the tenth game in the legendary fighting franchise – and it’s definitely the best.

Mortal Kombat long lived in the shadow of the Street Fighter series, but this latest iteration provides the most in-depth instalment yet – boasting an impressive roster of new and old fighters and a silky smooth combat system.

With a roster of 24 – and that’s before DLC – you can go old-school as Johnny Cage or Sonya Blade, or even play as a new character like their daughter Cassie Cage (even though you can’t beat Sub-Zero or Kano), but it’s the character visuals, long list of moves and of course, the fatalities, which really add the polish.

There’s one or two character models which aren’t up to scratch, and the story mode is only more than passable – but with a combat engine this good who cares.

X makes the spot for the best next-gen fighting game.

Rating: 4/5