GAME REVIEW: Gavin’s initial verdict on Destiny

Destiny ANL-141009-102938001
Destiny ANL-141009-102938001
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From the makers of Halo (Bungie) and the publishers of Call of Duty (Activision) comes the first big gaming phenomenon to hit next-gen consoles – and arguably the most-anticipated game of the year. Destiny has finally arrived, and keeping in line with all major media outlets the Spalding Guardian is bringing you a two-part review for this shooter-cum-role-player, as the game was only released on Tuesday.

As a Guardian of the last city on Earth, Destiny gives you the ability to wield incredible power across multiple worlds (including neighbouring planets such as Venus and Mars), as you embark on an epic adventure within a socially interactive universe – playing as one of Titan, Hunter or Warlock customised classes.

With a cinematic story in a campaign that involves expansive side quests and exploration, a third-person social space called the ‘Tower’ where you can make new alliances, and competitive and co-op multiplayer modes – there’s a lot to this game which took more than five years to devise. Initial impressions give it a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) feel within a Borderlands-esque looting world that has more than a passing nod to the likes of Halo and Mass Effect – as you battle alien foes such as the Fallen and Hive – which is a pretty good start.

Ultimately Destiny will want to stand out on its own with community-inspired longevity to boot, so read the final verdict next week to see if it achieves that goal – and becomes the legend it wants to be.