GAME REVIEW: FIFA still the footie game to beat

New FIFA game ANL-140930-122814001
New FIFA game ANL-140930-122814001
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While this is undoubtedly an impressive leap to next-gen consoles (last year’s semi-port didn’t really count) – a couple of things have been lost in transition to prevent this being the all-conquering footballing package.

To be fair it isn’t far from it, with tremendous aesthetical improvements such as proper stadiums dynamics, emotional player intelligence – and of course, simply jaw-dropping visuals.

But the almost ‘over the top’ big match presentation seems to have come slightly at the detriment of the ‘grass roots’ requirements of the game – with some niggly AI issues (particularly from the keeper) rearing their head.

Fortunately these minor issues don’t detract too much from this ultimately being the footie game to beat – and it still scores a glorious next-gen goal.

Rating: 4/5