Game review: DESTINY: THE TAKEN KING (PS4/X1/PS3/360)

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Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran ‘guardian’ this evolves the next-gen phenomenon that is Destiny in a truly satisfying way.

The original game – which deserved its plaudits and (controversial) Game of the Year accolades for trying that something a little different – was still a flawed experience, but this sequel package irons out a lot of the teething problems.

This Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing-shooter had its detractors – and lost as many guardians as it retained – but developers Bungie seem to have got it right with The Taken King (which includes both expansions), which makes the game more accessible across the board with major tweaks – and a lot less ‘grinding’.

It still won’t win over the naysayers still addicted to the likes of COD, but with impressive storytelling and improved mechanics this game is slowly etching its own fate – by being the best at what it does.

Rating: 4/5