GAME REVIEW: Become the hunter or the hunted in this shooter

Evolve ANL-150218-095020001
Evolve ANL-150218-095020001
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The joy of the hunt has never been so satisfying than in 2K’s revolutionary new multiplayer shooter – that truly evolves the genre.

With multiple gaming modes – Hunt, Nest, Rescue and Defend – you have the option to grab three friends to hunt the monsters, or stalk the humans as the super-evolved beast, with several exciting mini-story variations on the theme.

You even have the ability to choose your own hunting style, by playing as the Trapper, Medic, Assault or Support, with up to 12 unlockable human characters, or three hulking behemoth’s if you choose the monster route.

Set on a beautifully-realised planet, this game is a clever tactical dream, with a notable progression system, but that in the end is the game’s only undoing – as getting some of the options unlocked can be a bit of an unnecessary grind.

But fortunately this is the only initial limitation from a game that offers so much – both aesthetically and mechanically – and shows that next-gen consoles are starting to offer different experiences from last-gen.

Become the hunter or the hunted as you do the monster mash...

Rating: 4/5