Gallery off to new horizons – but bakery is here to stay

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A family-run art gallery is moving out of the centre of Spalding because the town is “no longer attracting a good enough footfall”.

Lincolnshire Gallery will close its doors in Swan Street on Christmas Eve and start the new year at its second premises at Millfield Nurseries in Spalding Common.

For ten years the gallery has offered residents a taste of culture by hosting exhibitions as well as being a bespoke framing specialist and selling pictures.

However, owner Mark Fisher painted a bleak picture on the town’s future and is convinced now is the right time to move.

He said: “Fortunately, a lot of our businesses comes from outside of the town – there’s not a lot of interest in art in Spalding.

“A councillor even said so when I wanted to build a £500,000 gallery here. That would have been a huge investment in the town but the council said ‘no’.

“It used to be a lovely town but it’s slowly changing.

“When times are hard and retailers like Burtons move out it doesn’t make sense to have two businesses.

“We would rather have one good one.

“You have to ask yourself ‘what is the town going to be like in five years?’

“I know some will say things are happening to make the town better, but I just can’t see it.”

l Residents will be relieved to learn Pacey’s Bakery in Red Lion Street is not closing – at least for the time being – despite rumours to the contrary.

Baker Richard Pacey, whose firm has been running since 1909, said: “It’s business as usual - and it’s here to stay.

“I’m always the last to hear rumours, but I guess they started because I am thinking about retiring.”