Fun is key to making a difference

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Making a difference while still having fun is a vision that is hoped to raise the profile of a club in South Holland.

Bruce Alexander has taken over as president of the Rotary Club of South Holland and has already been leading a team in planning the events diary and promoting development and progress.

He said: “The Rotary club assists many local charitable organisations, both with funding and with the services of our members.

“We have been the main fund raisers in the Spalding Flower Parade since its inception and our Santa Christmas Sleigh is eagerly awaited by children and adults alike in every part of Spalding.”

Bruce intends to continue working closely with other Rotary clubs, as well as organisations such as the Lions and Round Table.

Believing more can be achieved as a group, he said: “Our motto is ‘Service Above Self’, but while serving we don’t lose sight of the fact that we should enjoy ourselves as well.

“My vision is that I can make a difference while still having fun.”

Bruce’s presidency follows one shared by the ‘Two Peters’ - Peter Start and Peter Kite - after an unexpected vacancy arose for the post.

Peter Start did a remarkably thorough stint at short notice for the first half of the year, helping to ensure the club was in good health at the handover.

Peter Kite said he enjoyed his reprise as president over the past six months. He said he had every confidence in handing over the presidency to Bruce and for the role of president elect to be passed on to Pat Luckett, who will be the first lady president.

As well as interesting speakers, members have been on a number of visits, kept up the club’s good work for charities and continued to be of service to the community. The club’s current good health is underlined by two new members, with two more waiting in the wings to join.