Full results from South Holland’s county council elections

The political outlook of Lincolnshire County Council in South Holland
The political outlook of Lincolnshire County Council in South Holland
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Conservatives took seven out of the nine seats on offer in South Holland in yesterday’s Lincolnshire County Council elections as they swept to power across the county.

The Tories won 58 of the 72 seats county-wide, with Labour getting six, Independents four, Lib Dems one and Lincolnshire Independents one. There were no seats for UKIP or the Green Party.

Some 53.35 per cent of the county-wide vote went to the Conservatives, with 18.85 per cent going to Labour, 7.45 per cent UKIP, 6.64 per cent Independent, 6.63 per cent Lincolnshire Independents, 5.36 per cent Liberal Democrats, 1.44 per cent Green and 0.63 per cent others.

Turnout was 31.98 per cent across the county, with 176,789 of the 552,741 registered voters visiting the polling stations. There were 511 spoiled votes.

Turnout was nearly three per cent up on 2013 but four per cent down on 2009 and nearly half the turnout from 2005. IN south Holland turnout was 30.38 per cent.

The first result came in at 11.52pm with the final one at 3.19am.

All the statistics

All the statistics

South Holland results break down:


Eddy Poll (Con) 1,288

Richard Fairman (UKIP) 504

Karen Lee (Lab) 212

Kathleen Tanner (Lib Dem) 145

Turnout 28.3%


Rodney Grocock (Con) 1,348

Jane King (Ind) 794

Richard Mair (Lab) 175

Spolit 9 Turnout 31.25%


Christine Lawton (Con) 1,138

Pete Williams (UKIP) 426

Andrew Bowell (Lab) 259

Jordan Swallow (Lib Dem) 133

Spoilt 11 Turnout 24.45


Nick Worth (Con) 1,536

Paul Foyster (UKIP) 596

Helena Mair (Lab) 274

Spolit 7 Turnout 30.33%


Elizabeth Sneath (Con) 1,383

Emily Bates (UKIP) 253

John Grocock (Lab) 155

Martin Blake (Green) 128

Douglas Dickens (Ind) 87

Mark Currier (Lib Dem) 80

Spolit 4 Turnout 29.37%


Chris Brewis (Ind) 1,375

Jack Tyrrell (Con) 1,017

Paul Gowen (Lab) 153

Spoilt 6 Turnout 33.6%


Peter Coupland (Con) 1,964

Robert Gibson (UKIP) 535

Lucinda Preston (Lab) 256

Philip Hammersley (Lib Dem) 124

Spoilt 11 Turnout 34%


Nigel Pepper (Con) 2,194

Darryl Kirk (Lab) 271

Charles Finister (Lib Dem) 211

Spoilt 14 Turnout 31.55%


Angela Newton (Ind) 1.026

Gary Taylor (Con) 976

Wojciech Kowalewski (Lab) 221

Spoilt 8 Turnout 29.05%

FRIDAY, 6.23AM:Tories win seven out of nine county council seats

Results for all nine South Holland seats in this year’s Lincolnshire County Council elections are now in. The first result announced was in Spalding East where Conservative Eddy Poll reclaimed the seat he lost to UKIP’s Richard Fairman in 2013.

Next was Donington Rural where Conservative Rodney Grocock was elected ahead of Jane King (Independent).

In Spalding South it was another Conservative win, with Christine Lawton seeing off UKIP’s Pete Williams, and in Holbeach Conservative Nick Worth had a convincing victory over Paul Foyster of UKIP.

Elizabeth Sneath recorded another resounding Conservative win in Spalding Elloe, with UKIP’s Emily Bates a distant second, while in The Suttons it was a lot closer, with Independent Chris Brewis reclaiming his seat, beating Conservative Jack Tyrrell.

In Holbeach Rural Conservative Peter Coupland recorded a huge victory over nearest rival Robert Gibson (UKIP) and it was another Tory trouncing in Crowland, where Nigel Pepper polled the majority of the vote, Labour’s Darryl Kirk coming second.

Finally, in Spalding West it was another Independent triumph, with Angela Newton beating Conservative Gary Taylor by just 50 votes.

• More to come.