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Frustrated four quit Holbeach Parish Council seats

Four fed-up councillors have quit their roles on Holbeach Parish Council amid a string of frustrations at the way the authority is being run.

Long-serving husband and wife duo Graham and Carol Rudkin have resigned from the parish council - as have Laurence Marchant and Dawn Howarth.

Graham - who is still a district councillor - had served for 12 years and Carol had been on the council for 16 years. The other two were more recent additions having served about a year.

Carol Rudkin, Graham Rudkin and Laurence Marchant (48021622)
Carol Rudkin, Graham Rudkin and Laurence Marchant (48021622)

Graham said: “All of us are deeply unhappy at the way the council is being run at the moment.”

The departed councillors are unimpressed by a new committee system introduced by the council - which they say is creating lots of long meetings that do not make decisions - and are frustrated that all requests from members of the public have to go through the clerk.

They also feel there’s a lack of support for Holbeach in Bloom - which Graham remains chairman of - that some of their ideas for the town have been disregarded and feel ground down by a series of ‘snotty and horrible’ emails and messages about council work.

A council spokesman said the nature of emails was never raised with them and that it does not tolerate such behaviour. It also said that the new committee structure and decision on grants were both unanimously agreed by the council.

Graham, who was chairman of the council from last July until April, said: “I was going to bed at night and waking up in the middle of the night worrying about the way forward.

“Since I have resigned it’s like a weight off my head.

“You would never believe the amount of rubbish I have had since last July.

“At least now I can go to bed at night and not wake up at three in the morning.”

Carol added: “Our lives were hell for 11 months - that was horrible.”

She said she was proud of her record on the council - from fighting for parking to sorting issues with everything from fencing to dog bins and roads.

Carol added: “We have done all those things - this is what you do - you get off your backside and do things.

“We are being bogged down because you are not allowed to do things now.”

Laurence Marchant said he was disappointed that matters had not been dealt with in an ‘adult’ way and said a string of small matters had snowballed and led him to leave.

He said: “I didn’t want to leave but felt I had to.

“There are hours and hours of committee meetings doing nothing and getting nowhere.”

The council says its new committee system is ‘very successful’.

It says the committees are public meetings, which allows for ‘transparency’ and ‘engagement’ and said the meetings have allowed councillors to work together more - and are important for ‘moving forward in a new direction’.

In a statement, it said: “It is always sad when members resign for whatever reason, we always wish them well and thank them for their contribution to our town.

“In conclusion, we have a new structure in place, along with a trained chairman, clerk and deputy clerk.

“Our councillors either have participated in training or are doing so in the near future, so all in all, we are looking forward to a productive and compliant future.

“We wish our former members well and thank them for their hard work and contribution to the town.

“We are looking forward to welcoming and working with new councillors.”

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