From couch to Race for Life for running group

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A group of ladies who have been taking part in a Couch 2 5k programme in Spalding showed everyone just how much their fitness is improving by taking part in Peterborough’s Race For Life.

Elaine Peacock, Diana Thorn, Brenda Blakebrough and Margaret Lammin completed the 5k course Ferry Meadows on Tuesday night in aid of Cancer Research.

The weather was unfortunately against the rest of the Couch 2 5k team who went out running in Spalding the same night.

Holding the fort at Monks House playing field was Heather Coleman, a regular weekly runner who dutifully put the team through their paces. Week five ups the game a little with only four more weeks to go to complete the programme.

Beginning as always with a brisk walk of five minutes, this was followed by three minutes running, 90 seconds walking, five minutes running, two minutes walking, three minutes running, 90 seconds running and finishing off with a five-minute run.

Fitness instructor Tracey Vowells, of the Fitness Company, who also completed the Race For Life, said: “It was an amazing night and goes to prove that Couch 2 5k really can help achieve running success.”

For more information call Tracey on 01775 766775.