Frightening new credit card fraud

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Police are investigating a frightening new variation of card fraud, which tricks mostly elderly people into handing over their credit and debit cards on the doorstep.

Victims are persuaded to cancel their cards, but when they try to phone their bank to do so, the person they end up talking to is the fraudster himself.

He or she convinces them to hand their cards over to a courier, who calls at their door within the hour.

The National Fraud 
Intelligence Bureau have been notified of the fraud orchestrated by individuals posing as police or bank staff.

They contact victims by phone, advising them that their account has been compromised and to relinquish payment cards, subse
-quently collected from their home by bogus couriers.

Victims are then 
instructed to contact a false helpline or to redial a 
legitimate number, with the current line kept open.

Reporting trends received over the last six months show this to be 
recurrent on a national scale. People targeted are typically elderly/retired and may therefore be more vulnerable to the scam.

Police are warning that if you receive a call of this type, you should not disclose any personal or billing information.

If you receive such a call and if you want to contact your bank, use an independently-sourced telephone number and call from another line.

If you have handed over any details to the fraudsters, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately.

If you have been affected by this, or any other scam, report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or