Friends’ bike ride for charity which helped mum deal with diabetes

Charity cyclists riding for Diabetes UK at Rutland Water in July are Andrew Taylor (back) and Wayne Waite.
Charity cyclists riding for Diabetes UK at Rutland Water in July are Andrew Taylor (back) and Wayne Waite.
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BIG Bike Ride fundraiser Andrew Taylor never wants a repeat of the day his mum suffered a diabetes attack sat by his side while he was driving.

Andrew (22), of Pinchbeck, plans to take part in the Diabetes UK 23-mile ride at Rutland Water in July, to say thank you to the charity that has supported them.

He said: “The attack in the car really brought home to me how sick my mum was and how much she needed help. ”

His mum, Jane, has suffered diabetes for 39 years, since she was 11. Now fitted with an insulin pump, she is living proof why Diabetes UK is campaigning for more sufferers to be prescribed them.

Andrew said: “The pump has completely changed her life, but throughout it all the charity has been there to support her – which is why I want to give something back.”

The pump is an alternative to multiple daily injections of insulin by insulin syringe or an insulin pen.

Jane said: “When I first got diabetes, we had glass syringes that were kept in surgical spirit in verticle containers.

“Once a week my mum would would boil them, but the needles would get blunt. I had to be careful what I ate and mum weighed all of my food.

“Now with the new treatment, life is so much easier. I still have to be careful, but I’ve got more scope.”

Jane plans to go along and support Andrew when he takes part in the charity ride on Sunday, July 1, with his friend, Wayne Waite, who will be the best man at his wedding to fiancee Rebecca Atkins in June.

Andrew has been training by cycling the two miles to work at A S Whitaker and Son accident repairs on the South Holland Enterprise Park from his home in Bridewater Lane.

He said: “I’m definitely looking forward to it and am hoping to raise £200 for the charity.”

So far he has raised £60 by being sponsored by his work colleagues. Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so by visiting