FREE SPEECH: We all have a right to views

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In response to Mr Davidson’s letter regarding Hope Not Hate, I would just like to express my feelings and annoyance with this group.

My experiences go back to the point of where the local immigration issues page was set up on social media.

I found myself drawn to comment just a few times on that page and I know I was not alone in doing so. After all, it was a place to voice an opinion freely.

What then happened highlights just how horrible this crowd are. As someone that is mature and long past the point of petty arguments, I did not expect to receive abuse both on this site nor to my private messages.

As pointed out several times and broadcast by Hope Not Hate themselves, they kept taking screen shots and using them to the point of blackmail against anyone they did not agree with.

Having read comments made on this, and other local as well as national websites, I know for a fact that they will target people.

I would urge anyone that has had similar experiences to speak out against this horrible group of hateful people.

We all have a right to have a say on all subjects and should not fear hatred from a group who poses as a peaceful loving group.

Let’s not have hate, we need to discuss certain issues.

EDITOR: Ironically, I have had to stop comments on a letter about free speech because of an ongoing battle between two users. I will email those users individually.