‘Free Spalding blood pressure checks may have saved my wife’s life’

This simple blood pressure test saves lives.
This simple blood pressure test saves lives.
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Rotarians and health professionals in Spalding may have saved a life with free blood pressure checks for the public.

The Rotary Club of South Holland staged its Stroke Awareness Day on Saturday at the South Holland Centre.

Rotarian Pat Luckett said: “One gentleman thanked the Rotary Club of South Holland for raising awareness of his wife’s high blood pressure last year. He felt the check may have saved her life. They were both first in the queue this year.”

Some 155 people had their blood pressure checked on Saturday – two were advised to seek an urgent follow up with their GP and 17 to get a further routine check. Members of Munro Medical Centre in Spalding were joined by other health professionals giving their time as high blood pressure is linked to stroke.

Pat said: “In the UK there is one stroke victim every 3 minutes 13 seconds with one death every 13 minutes. It is the biggest single cause of death in the UK today. It kills twice as many women as breast cancer and more men than prostate and testicular cancer combined.”

She says diabetes can double the risk of stroke, as well as smoking , alcohol and drug use, and suggests people should get their blood pressure checked by their GP.

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Free Spalding health checks could save your life