Free Sophrology classes in Whaplode

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A POPULAR alternative to pills in many parts of Europe, Sophrology, the method of using breathing and relaxation techniques to bring about a calm state of body and mind, is coming to Whaplode.

Sophrology helps to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, lift depression, improve sleep patterns and promote a feeling of general wellbeing.

Lynn Exley is currently training to be one of the first English Sophrologists with the Sophrology Academy in Kent and, as part of the course, is required to run group sessions to practice her skills.

Lynn will be running the free sessions on Monday mornings at Whaplode Village Hall. Numbers will be limited to 8 so if you would like to try Sophrology to bring calmness into your life and you are free on Monday mornings for the next couple of months give Lynn a call on 07553354845. For more info on Sophrology go to