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Free Press letters: Spalding Western Relief Road and Brexit were hot topics

Closure on the quiet: an open letter to Sir John Hayes

I understand that there are plans to close Blue Gowt Lane in Pinchbeck to make way for the new inner relief road, and I am appalled that this decision seems to have been made “on the quiet” rather like the charade of the Bourne Road crossing point, and no larger public consultation having taken place.

I regularly use Holland Park and I am aware that the inner relief road is desperately needed but feel that there is no reason that a public footpath /cycleway could not be retained, it would only need pedestrian-controlled traffic lights on the new road, which should not be a problem as I assume that the road will have a 30mph speed limit and the amount of times vehicles are stopped would not be a problem.

A large number of children regularly use the road for school attendance (Pinchbeck children to secondary schools, and Spalding children to primary school in Pinchbeck) especially in the better weather and at a time when we are being urged to get children and adults to exercise more and to use cars less this idea seems insane!

I can only think that the only alternative route is on the main Pinchbeck Road (negotiating the new roundabout!) and most parents would not want their children to either cycle on that route, either accompanied or not, so would drive instead.

There is also the fact that it is a lovely summertime family leisure stroll which would be badly missed.

Gary Hodson


The cartoon from our Free Press letters page
The cartoon from our Free Press letters page

All change for leavers?

I can hold my quiet no longer. We have, as do many other parliamentary constituencies across the country, an MP elected by the people for the people who quite clearly after Monday's wasted parliamentary time is not representing the clear mandate given to him by his constituents - the majority of whom voted to leave the EU.

The fact that his constituency voted leave is a matter for the record and is clear and decisive in a democracy, unless Mr Boles et al are still trying to live the Commission totalitarian dictatorship dream by ignoring the will of the people? Last year we remembered how and where our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers fought and died, have we the people forgotten why they laid down their lives for us, their future generations? We should not squander their sacrifice.

So back to the question in hand. Is it time for a modern day Oliver Cromwell to reform parliament so that MPs who do not reflect or support the majority view of their constituents are automatically dismissed in disgrace from the house, debarred from standing again for political office and an automatic by-election called? Likewise, when any MP resigns from their party or turns their coat and crosses the house in any direction, they should automatically lose their seat.

Whilst we still retain what little democracy we have, and want to live and remain in a future democracy, then we the people need to make our parliament, the mother of all parliaments, once again fit for current and future purpose.

Alan C Black


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