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WARD’S WORLD: By John Ward

On occasion it has been known for me to trot off to assorted events in and around the countryside plus occasional town centres or whatever the bash is about – nowhere is safe.. - in my Reliant Robin based Fire Engine to take part in the proceedings which usually amounts to getting there and parking up and await assorted folk to come along and pass comment, the occasional attempt at sarcasm that mainly fails relating to the Freddie ye Reliant but all in all a merry time is had by all I am told.

As part of the proceedings I collect for a well known cancer care concern by way of an officially obtained collecting container and the reaction from most people is very generous, can be touching and if you reading this are a donor, my thanks to you for your efforts if you did so and I apologise if I failed to acknowledge you at the time.

Coming under the human nature banner now I am always amazed at assorted stories that are related from people that donate as in a lot of cases it’s because they have lost somebody to this hideous disease or know of others but sometimes ‘out of the blue’ as they say you get the occasional moment that makes my small effort all that worthwhile or at least to me it does.

From the archives of the mind over the past three years spring assorted moments such as a gentleman literally emptying all the change out of his pockets into the collecting box once he stopped laughing at Freddie and I offered my thanks as there was quite a lot of change went in and he replied that his grandfather had died of cancer many years ago and he drove a Reliant plus as he was ‘lethal driving it’, his passing was perhaps a Godsend to other motorists as he left me with a twinkle in his eye and a beaming smile.

At another event a dear soul explained she had lost her sister to the dreaded disease and this was her way of ‘doing her small bit’ but then said with her sisters passing she wanted to have the summer dress her sister had brought but never wore due to her demise and explained although it was about eighteen months old from being brought, sadly due to the size it would not fit her now as she had put on weight in the interim but as she walked away said she was taking up jogging to lose a bit of weight as ‘my sister would have approved’ and to say I did not know if to laugh or cry as she being seventy seven years young, who am I to say differently?.

At one event recently I met James who was on holiday from New Zealand visiting relations here and we got into conversation about Freddie and after a while said he must ‘put something in the pot’ and duly put a five pound note in as I stood slightly gobsmacked and he said that coming from Kiwi country to England had been fun and to put it in simple terms he said ‘I came and I gave’ and I found that quite touching and said the Sleaford lot had not arrived yet.

So I will nip off now and get Freddie ready for the weekend and hope to see you in due course and hear about your grandfather, uncle or social worker who once owned a Reliant, same colour but different.