FRACKING: Alarmed? Count me in on that one!

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I was fascinated by Mike Harrison’s logic re: ‘fracking’.

He says Greenpeace is being alarmist as no-one is sure what the side effects would be. So, according to him, we just go on with a full programme and then we’ll find out! I think many people would rather know first, and then not do it.

There is plenty of evidence coming out of the US and Australia about some of these effects

There is plenty of evidence coming out of the US and Australia about some of these effects.

Stockmen and farmers in Queensland, for instance, are having to buy bottled water to drink, because their own wells and bore-holes are polluted. One farmer was offered a supply free – if he signed an agreement not to talk about it. That’s a bit alarming!

In America, cows were dropping dead in the fields due to methane seepage. We don’t have their wide open spaces so it could easily be humans, not cows, in our densely populated island. Earthquake clusters are rife too. Some states are now putting in fracking bans, including the state where it all started – not very reassuring.

There have, by the way, been two quakes in Lancashire at Quadrilla’s Preese Hall site. Both came directly following hydraulic fracking.

Mike says that “the government has decided on behalf of the public”. This sounds nice and democratic, until you realise that at the last independent poll on the subject, 68 per cent of people were against fracking. And yet our government has passed a law which allows for fracking under our houses and land without needing our permission or even our being informed.

He also says the government has plans in place, just in case. Well, so do the insurance companies. Most are now putting in clauses to exclude fracking damage.

Our houses and farmland will be at risk, with no insurance. Do the government’s plans include a way of making the corporations involved pay into a compensation fund? Or will the government do the compensating themselves – great idea! We end up paying extra tax to pay our own compensation. Love it!

And if we dare to protest, they send in those beefy blokes from G4S, as in Lancashire. The ones all in black who don’t wear number flashes on their sleeve and look a bit like bailiffs on steroids. Whatever happened to proper coppers, I wonder?

Alarmed? Yes count me in on that one.